Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gone to Narnia, brb

Calling a two-week hiatus in my blog. Tomorrow I'm flying to Israel, where I'm spending the first half of Hanukkah with my family in Eilat (my mom's terribly afraid I have a vitamin D deficiency and no amount of explaining my terror of the Israeli sun has budged her-- I don't dare to expose any skin in that climate), and the second half in Jerusalem where I will skitter from coffee date to coffee date, trying to cram in 23 years worth of friends-who-actually-followed-through-on-their-idealism-and-made-aliyah into four days. אני מאוד מתרגשת!!!
God jul, חנוכה שמח, and happy New Year's to everyone!


  1. Have fun in Narnia! I mean Israel. Safe travels and happy holidays :)

  2. Happy and peaceful holidays, Hannah! See you in January! :D

    Say hi to Mr. Tumnus and the Beavers!

  3. Thanks Elena, same to you! (congrats on finishing the semester)
    Jonas, upon reflection, I think you remind me a lot of Mr. Tumnus. God jul!

  4. I hope you mean Mr. Tumnus from the new Narnia movie series. James McAvoy is pretty awesome, I wouldn't mind if people said I reminded them of him. ^^ You should watch X-Men: First Class when you get the chance, great movie, where he stars as Charles Xavier.