Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Photo-blogging Friends

Two of my friends from the University of Maryland came to visit for a week. They're both big picture-takers, so instead of writing a blog about all the fun exploring we did, I'm just going to put up the photos with captions.
On the bybanen
Mocking Vikings in the Torgallmenningen
Testudo!!! School spirit.

At the aquarium

Petting sea urchins. Right before the aquarium worker with dreadlocks came over and asked, "atem Yisraelim?" Used Zev's kippa to flush out all the Israelis in Bergen.

The fjord at the tip of the City Sentrum

On the Fløybanen
At the top of Fløyen
Me pointing to where I live. Zev missing the angle entirely. Fantoft is much farther to the left.

Playing with Trolls
You want me to crawl in where?
Playing in the barnehage lekeplass
Zev loved Norsk food: fish-in-a-tube and wasa crackers
Trying to hold Hedwig. But it just looks like I'm punching an owl.
Just cute
Pointing to where they think they are
(Zev's in Bergen, but Michele's in Stockholm)
Quote by Ibsen!
For Ima
Their position the whole trip
Snow in the country's center

Signpost at Myrdal
Who says Norwegians aren't friendly? Some guy jumped into our picture

Don't fall off!
Queen of the Mountain. Until Zev climbed up and pushed me off.
Being ridiculous. Swordfight with icicles. 

On the Flåmsbana. Required quota of Asian tourists in the background. 

Kjosfossen Waterfall

Helping out a friend
On the boat

Yes, I live in the most magnificent place in the world
There were small communities tucked into the folds in the mountains beside the fjord. At one outpost, we stopped to pick a guy up. He didn't understand much English, and when I tried my Norwegian on him (it's been getting better and I've been using it a lot lately), we just kept missing each other's meaning. But I told myself he's got an obscure mountain dialect, so no worries!

Moonrise on the fjord

 Vi elsker Norge!


  1. So Norway is Skyrim but without dragons.

  2. Close; it's Middle Earth, with trolls.