Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Not Going Home.


That's it. I've had it. America can fuck its women over as much as it wants, I'm never going back. They'll have to bundle me kicking and screaming onto a plane to expel me from Norway.

I think what hurts the most about this is that it is such utter betrayal of one woman's organization by another. I've cheered for Susan G. Koman and all the work they've done alongside Planned Parenthood, and this hurts more than any blow congress can strike in the war against women in America (I used to put that in scare quotes. No longer). I am so angry right now, I'm writing through a blur of tears. Not sure how I'm going to teach in half an hour. All that about leaving one's emotions at the door only works when the emotions aren't brought on by a targeted decision to deny an entire demographic healthcare. How could this... who could... and what in hell am I going to tell my Norwegian students when they ask about the state of America's healthcare?

As I wrote on fb, this is actually really clever of Koman: if more women are dead of breast cancer b/c they couldn't access the preventative healthcare Planned Parenthood offers, less of them can have abortions. Solution to freedom of choice: kill off the choosers.

Here's your link to help provide one more woman with a breast exam: Donate to Planned Parenthood.
Or sign a petition to Komen to keep funding Planned Parenthood.

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  1. Cherish your ability to get angry. Honest emotions are fertile and will help changing an unfair, disrupting system.

    America's greatest problem is that only enormously wealthy people become an influential politicians.

    Wealth destroys empathy, or to put it more bluntly; why care about breast cancer, if you don't even can afford breast implants?

    A Norwegian feminist expression from the seventies,"Dry your tears and clench your fists."
    You have a sharp pen!