Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Påske Egg and Spring

It’s been gorgeous in Bergen since I returned, so this morning I went for a run around Teitvannet that seemed surreal in its beauty—somehow I kept telling myself this wasn’t real, it’s too much sunlit-mountain-shadowed-water-lapping beauty for reality.
Spring in Nygårdsparken!
I had the high schoolers on my own today. I’d missed them over Spring Break. We were studying Britain’s youth crime problem today, so I split them into groups to simulate different characters and have debates. They’re so adorable; even when they’re in small groups they raise their hands. Well, not their hands. They hold up two fingers in the sign that means peace to me. It’s quite cute, as though all over the classroom kids are furiously waving in favor of hippy love.

At the end, some of the most intrepid students stood to debate before the class. One of them was engaged in passionate invective when he said, “and kids shouldn’t give a shit about school anyways!” The whole class erupted. “You mean should give a shit,” some shouted, and others, “you mean shouldn’t not give a shit, right?” Basically a lot of shit was thrown around the class before they’d sorted it out satisfactorily.

I asked them to do me a favor and take a picture for some friends of mine who just got engaged, and they absolutely loved the idea. I can’t properly explain their adorably eager, serious cuteness, but maybe this picture will help.

Anita left me a Norwegian Easter egg on my desk. They’re enormous things that you fill with candy and then give anyone, not just kids, adults too. Did I tell you how much I love this country? 


  1. I read from the card, "Thanks for being here, sharing your fantastic self with with us.We are privileged learning to know you".

    Great testimony from the students!

  2. It made me feel really good to read it, too!